This week, I find some tips very interesting about how to manage a project, how to use methodology :

Operations versus projects

Example of a Project Implementation Plan

It's All About Connection

Limit Work in Progress, Regardless of Project Type

How to Do Everything Wrong in a Project: The New Brazilian Power Socket

Polygon for Process Projects - the Video

Rubik’s Cube as a Project Symbol

The eXtreme project manager strikes again...

How do you manage your projects?

Meetings and Process - How Much Is Enough?

The end of project is a step which is often forgotten, find some good posts about how to deal with this essential step:

Closing a project (part 2)

Quelles questions poser lors d’une revue "post mortem" de projet ?

Tips for Preparing a Project Closing Statement

After the show

PMO vs PM, working with a PMO, some views about the special relation between PMO and PM's :

Does a PMO Help or Hinder?

The Essentials of the PMO

Should PMOs Come With an Expiration Date?

Quality management, playing the rules, using methodology to raise performance :

Quality Management the Necessary Evil

AS 9101D (Draft) - A Review of How AS9100C Will Be Audited

Le management de la qualité : les principales composantes

Quality Management System

6 chapeaux pour penser

Compétences qualité: se former ou externaliser ?

Build a KPI dashboard in minutes with KPInstant

Managing conflicts, dealing with problems, managing teams :

Problem Solving Techniques in Project Management

Resolving Project Team Conflicts

10 Software Project Questions to Define the Real Problem

Small, Incremental, and AttainableâThe Key to Improving Project Team Efficiency

Effective Project Sponsors Needed: Relevant Experience and Education Definitely Required

Do Your Project Stakeholders Resemble Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Have a nice reading