Certifications for PM, importance of communication skills (you can find some posts with my point of view), PMO, dealing wtih problems:

CAPM Certification Part 1 of 2 http://bit.ly/cyPfI9

Social Media as an Online Project Management Software Tool http://bit.ly/dvB6a4

PgMP: The next big differentiator? My certification experience. http://j.mp/dz4kiV

Creating respect for others: the eighth essential skill for managers http://tiny.ly/9cfn

Why Is Communication Important in Project Management? http://j.mp/cks8Jr

You need to respect yourself before you can create respect for others http://tiny.ly/LJNo

"PMs are hired as much as anything for their communications skills. The communications plan is a..." http://j.mp/cxz8e5

Rescue the Problem Project http://bit.ly/bI671q

Exceptional Project Management - Managing Issues http://j.mp/bBPv1f

How to Manage Difficult Meetings http://j.mp/c7ZYcP

Attack Project Budget Killers Head-On http://j.mp/deXUsg

Using Agile in documentation, PMO, requirements so there are some good advices here:

Update to Agile Manifesto and Its Impact On Traditional Project Management http://bit.ly/c5QjeB

Agile is the Mainstream. So What? The Quest for Quality http://j.mp/9e6b6p

The Agile PMO Game Theory http://j.mp/b0UmHZ

Agile Adoption Roadmap http://j.mp/9WvQIs

10 ways to be happy on an Agile project http://j.mp/dvrh9L

Agile Product Management Tip: Illustrate the Ticket Backlog http://j.mp/aLIvMU

Introduction to Requirement Driven Testing Approach for Agile and Waterfall Methodology http://j.mp/cO4nrm

Moving to Agile Documentation – why ‘Pair Inspections’ make sense http://j.mp/brw8M2

ISO 900X as help for audits, projects, documentations and to improve your organisation; in french and in english:

ISO 9000:2005 - The Promise of Quality http://j.mp/cgnySo

ISO 9000 Documentation http://j.mp/9a5Skb

Why Write a Quality Manual? http://j.mp/9VRRe8

Do I Need an ISO Consultant? http://j.mp/aSHKCW

Responsables Qualité: profiter des crises pour vous imposer ! http://j.mp/9IuxDt

Audits internes : les compétences de l'auditeur http://bit.ly/bE9nqB

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