Some good tips about our job: difficulties, benefits, trainigs:

What's wrong with saying "I'm Just a Project Manager"?

Negotiate the Minefield and Become a Project Manager

Project Manager Business Call Etiquette

Biggest Problems Facing Project Managers (PM)

Difference Between Operations Project Manager and Turnkey Project Manager in IT

Signs of a Bad Project Manager

The Project Manager and Their Training

New and Future Challenges Facing Project Managers

About Project Management Training Courses and The Need For Project Managers

Mind Mapping Games for Project Managers

What is an agile project manager ? Agile as a key to success :

Is Agile the key to building high assurance software?

Scrum Product Owner: des priorités, quelles priorités ?

The Agile Project Manager

Rx: PM, Post-its and Agile

Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Le manager Agile initie et soutient les communautés de pratique…

Some good questions about quality management, ISO 9001, lean, :

A Guide to Auditing Top Management and the Internal Audit Checklist

Set Objectives to the ISO9001 section 6 ?

How important is to have CMM certification for any organization?

Les finalités de l'ISO 9001:2008

Becoming Lean – The Why, What and How

Kanban System Design

Security Assessment Techniques: Code Review v Pen Testing

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