For this week again, good tips on success and failure:

Strategy Execution through Project Success

Creating a Project Team Organizational Chart

How Does a Project Fail?

Project Stakeholders

How Do You Spot a Failing Project?

Project management problems – it’s those stakeholders

Success AND Failure

Investing Time & Resources to Achieve Results

Project Success or Project Failure?

Project manager : leader, hero, the different roles, etc..:

Don't Be An Anti-Social Project Manager

The schedule and Parkinson’s Law

Project-Oriented Skills: Support the Profession and the Role

With Project Planning in Teams

How Many Roles Are You Trying to Play On Your Project?

What thinking do senior management put into projects and project management?

Project Management Leadership Competencies (PMLC)

Does Project Management Have Too Many Rules and Regulations?

Voulez-vous être un chef de projet estimé?

Project Leadership and Encouraging Feedback

Podcast episode 073: the schedule killers presentation (part 6)

Breaking the Project Down Into Major Stages

How to Avoid Being Seen as Project Management Overhead

Great Project Managers Can Manage Anything!

Project Manager-Solving Team Conflicts.

Different point of view on agile and its use:

PMI Agile Work

Periodic Table of Agile Adoption

Overtime on Agile Teams?


Non-Functional Requirements: Do User Stories Really Help?

The Alternative to the Self Serving Agile Approach

Agile Personality Types

Transforming Businesses to Agility

Your Agile Isn’t My Agile

My first Scrum team in the wild

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