Team and Process in project management : manage them, understand them and work with them:

Leading Project Teams: Much Like Herding Cats

Transition: The Forgotten Project Management Phase

Good Process Bad Process And Everything In Between

Process Creep

Making Progess to Plan

Project Delivery Teams are Stakeholders, Too

On the meaning and interpretation of project documents

How to improve team productivity with good organization

The Project Life Cycle

Rework Will Happen!

The Project Execution Phase

How to understand failure or difficulties and project management:

Is Remote Project Management on its Way in or Out?

Why Your Project Does Not Need More People, More Time And More Money

Ah… Les bonnes pratiques!

What Level of Project Failure Is Acceptable?

Capturing Lessons Learned: Once Is Not Enough

Who Is Responsible for Declaring that a Project is Troubled?

What if our whole world view of project management is wrong, Redux

Ten Lessons for Leading During Crisis

If You Could Manage Projects from Anywhere, Where Would that Be?

Problems with the Project? Try the 8D Problem Solving Approach

Do you know the safety margins and wastage in your project?

Great tips on Agile and Scrum:

Changing to Agile, in an Agile Manner

Agile and EVM?

Forfait Agile - le contrat n'est pas le problème

Is Your CEO an Agilist?

Agile Leaders Weigh in on PMI Agile Certification

Big Balls of Mud in Agile Development

Extreme Agile Wallboards – Delta and Northwest Style

Cutter’s Forthcoming Special Issue on Technical Debt

Implementing Agile in the Shark tank

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