Different points of view about the project manager:

Successful Project vs Successful Project Manager http://j.mp/im95vO

The Transferable PM http://j.mp/lWDiU7

A Lack Of Time And Groups That Need To Become Teams http://j.mp/iPM7VH

The 21st Century PMO http://j.mp/jLkICe

5 Principles for Project Teams to Work Better - Making 1 + 1 > 2 http://j.mp/ijzgVW

comment surmonter les silos de communication dans les projets internationaux http://j.mp/kuupxv

The Art of Influence by Clive Lam http://j.mp/mG9b7t

Training To Be A Project Manager http://j.mp/ijbI1C

Project Managers in the C-Suite http://j.mp/mtdDd0

Downward Influence: Five Strategies for Effective Project Leadership http://j.mp/lwYXvt

The People ARE the Project http://j.mp/lBbYnf

51 and 3 – two key numbers in project communications http://j.mp/m3e1ho

Secret projects and wonderful women: Bletchley Park http://j.mp/k1NKkN

Influencer sans autorité pour gestionnaire de projet http://j.mp/k0tNm6

To learn more about how to manage a project, follow those tips:

10 DO’S and DON’TS of the Project Status Meeting http://j.mp/imWbgY

Facing Reality: A Few Fundamental Truths http://j.mp/m3iNn4

Project Requirements are Like My Daughter’s Shoe Size http://j.mp/lWIVja

Everything is up for discussion http://j.mp/kck4pD

Successful Facilitation http://j.mp/lvxdEk

Changing the Way Things Are … http://j.mp/kEmsUi

les « démos » de Projet http://j.mp/irhsyL

The Purpose of a Project Feasibility Study http://j.mp/mwkM2i

What Does a Project Management Process Provide? http://j.mp/lZfLj3

The Art of Finishing a Project http://j.mp/jCoLCS

Project Management By Taking a Break http://j.mp/iJn9im

The Rise of Project Management http://j.mp/l9iSvM

Podcast #45. Social Project Management With ProjectPlace. http://j.mp/iQEdck

Adjusting Goals & Re-planning http://j.mp/lOQZKf

Some best practices on Agile:

Adapting to Change in Your Agile Strategies http://j.mp/mvWZsp

Living the Agile Life http://j.mp/m72tYC

For Project Managers, Agile Is About Asking a Different Question http://j.mp/kwVVr8

Rating agile projects http://j.mp/jxp5xF

Adopter l'Agilité : le kit pour convaincre http://j.mp/kiA0Ui

The Art of Influence by Clive Lam http://j.mp/mG9b7t

Mike Cohn : Quel type de projets est le plus adapté à l’Agilité. http://j.mp/kjH293

Planning Poker - 1 http://j.mp/lzVpiY

Project Leadership in an Agile Development Environment http://j.mp/kE99xv

Agile Best Practices? http://j.mp/lmCdSd

Should scrum team members talk directly with customers? http://j.mp/iXd6S9

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