Who are your team member and your stakeholders?

The Good, the Bad and the Beastly: Who's Really on Your Project Team? http://j.mp/uwlYAr

Project Sponsorship: Dealing With Difficult Sponsors http://j.mp/tGAqeT

Motivating Employees Through Effective Project Management http://j.mp/tbyiJ3

A Project Manager’s Guide to Chronemics in Team Communication http://j.mp/u3FgWr

Do You Spend More Project Management Time With Your Eagles or With Your Turkeys? http://j.mp/rDHE12

What If Your Customer Won't Participate? http://j.mp/va4dvx

Project management skills and competencies:

Project and Program Management Competencies http://j.mp/vNLjKQ

Motivate, persuade, influence http://j.mp/tekpeR

5-Step Image Makeover for Project Managers http://j.mp/unNPn4

What Does A Good WBS Look Like? http://j.mp/t5DMWA

Estimation – Bad Advice http://j.mp/vo6cQC

Project Management: Work Breakdown Structure http://j.mp/nJ2ZsY

Smooth Resources, As Required, To Create The Most Optimum Schedule http://j.mp/mYf5FE

A Project Manager's Guide to Hosting Better Business Meetings http://j.mp/neTbay

It's all about Scrum:

A New Context for Agile http://j.mp/vgCIXw Comment savoir si nous sommes plus productifs depuis que nous sommes Agiles? http://j.mp/vl4AmA

Tangible Evidence of Progress to Plan http://j.mp/vJ6JFT

Two Common Ways to Apply the Product Owner Role http://j.mp/tsrHBi

have you heard of IBM’s DAD process? http://j.mp/vDfJpG

Agile Product Management vs. Agile Project Management http://j.mp/rD64QA

The Scrum Framework http://j.mp/vnbLFv

When Not to Use Scrum http://j.mp/rODuSA

Scrum - It all starts with the Product Owner http://j.mp/tBDZcq

Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework™ http://j.mp/qgvBuo

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