You're a Project Manager - Not Superman

Coaching Agile Teams

How to Run a Job Interview As a Project Manager

The No-Drama PM

You're a Project Manager - Not Superman

Make Good PM Practices Work for You

Some good tips about change management and success on your projects

Coaching Agile Teams

Use Bad Situations To Make Good Project Management Changes

Stakeholders and the Cost of Change

Bidding to Win the Project

How to identify, prevent, and recover from project failure

Turn Down Projects but Retain the Customers – Part 2

Dealing with Agile can be easy

Coaching Agile Teams

Agile Scrum vs. Change Management

Specializing Generalist

Agile + Earned Value

Critical Chain, Agile, and Program Management

Budgeting a Scrum Project in a Fluid Environment

Reasons for Having a Sprint Zero in Scrum

“Where Should I Start Looking….”

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