The Scrum Bond

  • Dr ProductOwner
  • On Her Backlog's Secret Service
  • Live and Let Done
  • The Man with the Golden Backlog
  • The ProductOwner Who Loved Me
  • For Your Retrospective Only
  • Licence to deploy
  • Tomorrow Never Done
  • The Story Is Not Enough
  • Demo Another Day

Some other twittes

  • The Silence of The Pigs
  • The Empire Strikes Backlog
  • Lost in continuous integration
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of KahnBan
  • The Nightmare Before Estimates
  • The Defect Strikes Back
  • A Miracle on 34th Sprint
  • Trois hommes et un burndown #FrenchEdition
  • Scrum master and seven developers
  • The Lord of the Tests
  • Stop! Or my mom will deploy
  • White Men Can't Sprint